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"I am grateful for the foundation I received..."

It is my prayer that this message finds you all faring well. I would like to share my most recent accomplishment. I have completed a one year residency in Clinical Pastoral Education at Baptist Healthcare- Pensacola, Florida 2018-2019. I am grateful for the foundation that I received from Revelation Message Bible College and I am grateful for my first official ordination and credential from Revelation Message, Inc, during Memorial Day weekend, in May of 2005. I will continue to cherish the conversations and the very impactful and impressionable memories and impressions I received from RMC and through my Proctor (Dr. Marilyn Watson). Since my early morning ordination review committee gathered to examine and hear my faith walk, in 2008. I have kept those conversations and the encouraging expressions and love in my mind: "this how an ordination should be"! Thank you and pray for us as we 'reset' BBTDM in Thomasville, Georgia. "Every round goes higher and higher." Thank you, thank you for the foundation I received from Revelation Message, Inc.

Elder Calvin R. Robinson, MA, Alumni
"What a GRAND celebration!"

I really struggled with the decision to travel to Jacksonville for graduation to receive my Bachelors Degree from RMBC. From day one of me starting Bible College my main goal and focus had always been to march from JTS. I am so glad my sister in Christ (a recent graduate) ENCOURAGED ME, and continuously PUSHED ME to attend. I arrived on Saturday at the selected conference hotel, and on Sunday attended the 10am Worship Service at the hotel, and then Graduation that evening. What a GRAND celebration! Truly the experience of being around others who shared in the excitement of “YES, I did it”, who traveled so far to take part in the celebration was amazing. On Monday after returning home, having time to reflect on: the message delivered during graduation ceremony, the hard work and effort poured into the planning and preparation of the celebration, etc, etc, etc... (if I try to explain it all, this will be 3 pages) I just had to call back and say to Dr. Vick, Dr. Faye, RMBC/JTS team, and NCM, thank you! I am forever grateful! I look forward to seeing you all again at the completion of my Masters.

Rev. Bernadine P. Bruen, Alumni

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